I am working at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and will be mostly off Twitter and Substack until April 2022.
A walking tour loop from town puts visitors on the back side of "the smoke that thunders," in a clean water play place used by locals.
Guided tour travel organizes the details, but leaves you wanting more; solo travel lets you go after more, but leaves you with the details.
The national park camping reservation season for next summer is here, but this Arizona park has no campground. Just get a permit the day you want to…
Marshy wetlands on desert valley bottoms are rare in Arizona and offer a varied landscape to explore.
Human-built piles of rock to aid landscape navigation have likely been around since the Stone Age. Leave them lie, I say.
After looking for wild dogs for weeks across Africa, all of a sudden there they were: on a paved road in South Africa.
Few American park campgrounds have a kitchen like those in South Africa: hot water sinks, electric hot plates, refrigerator/freezers, electricity/cell…
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